The history related to the land transfer from Guswhenta to the Mens Fire

September 22, 2016

As a matter of transparency and in effort to ‘paint a clear picture’ of the history related to the land transfer from Guswhenta to the Mens Fire we have outlined a brief timeline below:

In Aug 2013 the HDI brought the Erie Ave/Birkett Lane housing development to Chiefs Council as part of our monthly report after Guswhenta Developments failed to enter in to the HCCC engagement process on the Eagles Nest Project.

Guswhenta Developments instead modeled its own land process, using the HDI land model as a base and proceeded with an agreement with a small group of Mohawks at Kanata citing the Mohawk claim to the Haldimand was upheld by the 1924 impostion of the Indian Act Band Council at Grand River.

HDI reported to the HCCC that Guswhenta had refused to enter into an engagement agreement with the HDI and entered into an agreement with a group of people at the Kanata Village.

The HCCC issued a Notice and Public Declaration to all those within the Haudenosaunee Treaty Territory specifically referencing Haudenosaunee unceded lands known as the Eagles Nest Tract where the housing development project was being proposed.

The housing project at Erie Avenue/Birkett lane continued to develop on unceded Haudenosaunee lands despite protests from people from the community and the appearance of the local Men’s Fire at the housing development. As a result Guswhenta met with representatives of the Men’s Fire and soon after an agreement for the housing development to proceed was reached.

Both of these documents are attached for your reference.

Hazel E. Hill

Click here to download the Birkett Lane Agreement.
Click here to download Mohawk Notice