Notice Regarding Lands at Sixth Line and Oneida Road

September 20, 2016

NOTICE: After receiving concerns about the tract of land at Sixth Line and Oneida Roads regarding who held the ownership of the lands and who was benefiting from the leasing of this particular tract of land, we have provided the transfer document between Guswhenta Holdings and representatives of the Six Nations Men’s Fire and the Mohawks at Kanata along with the Certificate of Responsibility issued from the HCCC land registry.

The property is registered within Ontario Lands Registry under the names of the individuals listed on the transfer document and is held in the same conveyance as the previous property owner, which basically means lands under title with Haldimand Township. The lands were not registered as being held by the Confederacy Council as is the standard process for lands being returned to the Haudenosaunee through our engagement agreements, but rather, the application to register the lands indicated the lands were to be registered to the Raskerekete’ (Mens Fire). After seeking direction on how that would be held within the Haudenosaunee process, it was learned that there were no words to describe what this Men’s Fire is, and as such, it was recommended that it be registered under the names of the individuals on the transfer.

As such, the HCCC do not receive any lease money or benefit for the leasing of these lands and would suggest that the Mens Fire or Mohawks at Kanata be approached to provide their accounting to the people.


Hazel E. Hill,

Click here to download 6th line transfer from Guswhenta document.
Click here to download Mens Fire Land Registry # 15-001 document.