cayuga headdressThe Cayuga nation are known as the People of the Great Swamps, named for their traditional territory among the Finger Lakes in New York. They were also often referred to as the Pipe People relating to their use of clay found in the area to fashion pipes. The Cayuga play an important part in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy as one of the Younger Brothers within Grand Council.

Traditionally situated between the Onondaga and Seneca along the Cayuga Lake, the Cayuga lost most of their land following the American Revolution. Today there are three Cayuga nations including Lower Cayuga and Upper Cayuga, who both reside in Ontario at the Six Nations of the Grand River reservation, and the Seneca-Cayuga of Oklahoma.  A small population of Cayuga still live in New York State, though they have no official land base.

The Cayuga have five clans including turtle, bear, wolf, heron, and snipe.